NREVSD Partners With Elevar to Create a Master Facility Plan

Fluctuating district populations, maturing buildings, financial forecasts, and more. From time to time, school districts must assess their facilities in order to properly gauge whether the district is effectively meeting the needs of the school population. It is for this very purpose that New Richmond Exempted Village School District (NREVSD) is partnering with the Elevar Design Group - an architectural and engineering design firm based here in the tri-state.

In years past, Elevar has worked with area schools such as Mariemont City School District, Batavia Local School District, and West Clermont High School, just to name a few. Though NREVSD’s partnership with Elevar is still in the infancy stages, their many successes with other schools provides a promising future for our district.

“I am excited about the process and looking forward to what will come from our relationship with an established school architect like Elevar,” stated NREVSD Superintendent, Mr. Bird. “It’s very important that we use a third party to give our school district an unbiased look from a fresh perspective.”

In the initial stages, Elevar consultants have met with the district administrative team to work through a SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results) analysis - a strategic planning tool that will allow our district to focus on its current strengths and give vision to the future master facility plan.

As much insight that the administrative team can provide, one crucial element to this process that can’t be overlooked is feedback from our community. The community engagement forms the foundation of the building process by ensuring that the district support student learning and address school and community needs in the best way possible.

“We need all stakeholders in the NREVSD community to participate. We need parents, students, and staff members to participate in the engagement process as we develop a Master Facility Plan in an effort to deliver the best education in the most financially efficient way,” stated Bird.

Please be on the lookout for updates throughout the course of this project and plan attend the community engagement sessions. Though the process may be lengthy, NREVSD firmly believes this relationship will effectively bridge our community and school district together in order to create a master facility plan that best meets our needs.

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