NR Celebrates Those Serving and Those Who Have Served the District

It was once said, “Education is the foundation upon which we build our future,” and if that is the case, then there are many unseen individuals laying the groundwork.

This week, schools all across the nation have been extending appreciation to all the teachers who day in and day out invest in the lives and futures of students. At New Richmond Exempted Village School District  (NREVSD) we are overly grateful not only for our teachers, but for all the key players in our schools working effortlessly to better serve, educate, and inspire the future generation.

“We have some of the most hardworking school personnel around,” stated Superintendent, Mr. Adam Bird. “This year, we wanted to praise the efforts of teachers, aides, secretaries, school nurses, bus drivers, lunch servers - all those making a positive mark on our students.”

The following individuals were nominated by their peers for Teacher or Staff of the Year:

Locust Corner Elementary
Teacher of the Year - Todd Jackson
Staff of the Year - Vanessa Wyatt
Monroe Elementary
Teacher of the Year - Beth Webster
Staff of the Year - Darlene Gilbert

New Richmond Elementary
Teacher of the Year - Kelly Snead
Staff of the Year - Linda Curless

New Richmond Middle School
Teacher of the Year - Adam Moler
Staff of the Year - Rhonda Henson

New Richmond High School
Teacher of the Year - Logan Manning
Staff of the Year - Becky Lewis

As NREVSD celebrates all the people who make our district great, we also mourn the loss of one who had such an incredible impact on our schools in such a short period of time. On May 10, 2018, after a long, hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer, NREVSD bus driver, Lynette Lindsey passed away. 

“We greatly mourn the loss of Mrs. Lenette Lindsey. She was diligent in her work ethic and was deeply dedicated to ten years of service to our district,” stated Bird. 

Lindsey started in the fall of 2008 with the NREVSD Transportation Department. Students and drivers alike recounted the joy that she exuberated daily - whether it be her smile, her attitude, or her glowing personality, she was a light in the district. 

“Even though she was the one dealing with the pain of having pancreatic cancer, all of us in transportation carried the pain with her. We cried when she cried we hurt when she hurt, and rejoiced when it was a good day,” stated fellow driver, Patty Davis. “Our hearts go out to each and every person in her family and to the ones that she has personally touched in her lifetime. As a bus driver we all hope that we somehow have reached out to a student who will remember us forever. For Lenny I believe I can say she touched everyone she ever came in contact with. The memories, her smile and her laughter will live in our hearts forever.”

A smile from a bus driver as they pick up a student to start the day. Compassion from a school nurse when a stomach is unsettled. Grace and generosity from a cafeteria worker when a student comes up a few cents short in the lunch line. Patience from a teacher who spends a little extra time on a concept in class to make sure all their students are learning and growing. It’s those little moments from countless ones throughout our district that makes NREVSD extraordinary. To all those who served, are serving, and will serve in the future, NREVSD thanks you.

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