Save A Life Tour Visits New Richmond High School

It's prom season, and our New Richmond High School (NRHS) Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) want to make sure their classmate are safe on the roads, make wise choices, and enjoy themselves at this time-honored weekend event.

On Thursday, May 3, NRHS students had the opportunity to participate in the Save a Life Tour - a nationally recognized, nonprofit program that educates students on the dangers of distracted driving. It was only through the generosity of a handful of donors - Amelia Walmart, River Hills Bank, and Letitia Fulkerson at State Farm - that this program was made possible.

“Today, our aim is to give students the tools necessary to create positive life habits,” stated program motivational speaker, Michael Campbell. “We want them to remain conscious of the potential dangers and consequences that can occur from irresponsible behaviors while driving a vehicle.”  

Students watched graphic footage of crashes coupled with personal testimonies, listened to a speaker who spoke very candidly about decisions made behind the wheel, and then participated hands on in simulators which placed students in dangerous situations where they were operating vehicles impaired and distracted, slowing down motor skills and delaying reflexes. At the end of it all, students were encouraged to sign a pledge stating that they will make wiser decisions while driving.

As the school day progressed, the impact of the program proved to be effective. Not only were students approaching Campbell to share their personal life stories and express verbal gratitude for the attention grabbing program, but conversation were being generated in the halls and lunchroom.
Sophomore SADD member, Samantha Pratt stated, “I think a lot of students have had their eyes opened to the dangers of being a distracted driver. I think it has been mind blowing to some to recognize that this is an everyday thing, not just a prom thing.” 
"Being a parent of teenagers myself,  I hope our students realize that they are not as invincible as they believe.  The 'it’s not going to happen to me' is a ruse.  Anything can happen to anyone of us at  any given point in time," stated NRHS SADD sponsor, Mrs. Nehls. "Take charge of your actions and you will live a long and successful life.  Enjoy prom and be able to mark it as one of your milestones."

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