NREVSD's Treasurer Known As A Culture Shaper

It was 1986 when New Richmond Exempted Village School District first welcomed in Mike Mowery. After graduating from the University of the Cincinnati and working for six years for the Auditor of the State, he began his career as a school treasurer.

Serving with NREVSD until 1989, Mowery then made his move to Kings Local Schools where he served for 25 years before his retirement. Restless with all the time on his hands, he ventured back into the workforce to serve at NREVSD in 2014. At the end of 2018, Mowery will be hanging up his hat as he officially enters retirement for the final time.

With full intentions to stick around and finish the school year, health related issues were a driving force that expedited his retirement schedule.

“The Board knew that I had planned to retire next summer. My wife and I had recently purchased a home in Florida for our retirement.  We were working on getting her moved down there when I started having significant problems with my knee,” stated Mowery. “The plan had involved me staying here until next summer and working to get our home ready for sale.  The knee problems were the primary driver although there were other related health issues involved as well, but with the health issues occurring now it seemed best for me to go ahead and retire.”

As saddened as the District is for Mowery’s early departure, there is much to be celebrated from his time here. In talking with teachers, staff, and administration, one thing is certain - Mowery was a culture shaper.  

“He has transformed this district, culture, and climate at Market Street.  His camaraderie and relationship building with the admin team has changed our school district for the better,” stated Superintendent, Mr. Adam Bird. “He looks for ways to say yes and be helpful to administrators.”

Beyond his exceptional relational skills, Mowery made a conscious effort to be an advocate for those around him. Beyond a smiling face and joking personality, he sought out to do what was best and make improvements wherever possible all while cultivating a congenial atmosphere.  From streamlining the requisitions and purchase order process to improving the costs and benefits provided through the move to the new insurance, Mowery made significant moves of impact.

“He is so knowledgeable about all aspect of our district's finances, and he is always willing to explain things in a way that even the most mathematically challenged among us can understand,” stated NRHS teacher, Mrs. Parker.

NRE principal Mrs. Kunz echoed Parker stating, “After 15 years in public education and 10 years in administration, Mr. Mowery is, by far, one of the best Treasurer's I have ever worked with.  His ability to present information related to the budget in ways that are both meaningful and understandable is so appreciated. His approachable, friendly, and humorous nature will be sorely missed.”

Stepping away was not an easy move for Mowery. Having lived here for 30 years and having had two kids go through New Richmond schools, he’s come to appreciate how special NREVSD is - from programs that we offer to the size of the district and classes, NREVSD is able to provide a great number of opportunities for our students.

“My children loved their experience at NR and my wife and I appreciated the instruction, guidance and support our kids received,” stated Mowery. “My future plans are to simply stay retired and to enjoy a slower pace and fewer responsibilities, but I know I'll miss being around all the great people here. I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity for the past four years.  It really has been a great experience and it is hard to leave.”

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