Elevar Hosts Phase 2 of the Community Engagement Meetings

Elevar Design Group has been hired by the District to facilitate a strategic facility planning study. The District and Elevar are in full agreement the study must be completed via a transparent community engagement process. Following meetings with the District Administration and leadership teams representing each of the District’s schools, the community has been invited to participate in a 5-phase process in order to share views and debate merits of ways the District can meet the needs of the school community in the future. We need your help.

The 5-phase process is designed to focus the public discussion on what is most relevant to building consensus recommendations for the Board of Education to consider in finalizing a plan for balanced operations. In Phase 1, meetings were held at each of the three elementary schools to describe the study process to the community, and invite everyone to freely participate in the discourse. Participants heard presentation from District Superintendent Adam Bird and Treasurer Mike Mowery and were asked to share their favorite aspects of the District, as well as areas the District could improve. Those present were also asked how they wished to receive updates of the proceedings, and ask questions about what they could expect from the study.

Phase 2 kicks off with two events held October 30th and November 14th, each held in the New Richmond Middle School cafeteria. All are welcome. The meetings will begin promptly at 7:00PM with representatives of Elevar Design sharing results from the meetings with staff and the community comments of Phase 1. On October 30th, facilitators from Elevar will ask participants to confirm the challenges facing the District, and write problem statements for attendees of future meetings to solve.

Building on these results, on November 14th, facilitators from Elevar will ask participants to suggest ways the District and community can partner for continued successful achievement.

Working in small teams, Phase 3 will have participants finalizing recommendations for the District to consider, while in Phase 4 attendees will be asked to build consensus for a single recommendation to the Board of Education. The communities served by New Richmond School District will continue to receive updates from the study meetings and comments are welcome through the District website. The study will conclude with final recommendations being presented to the Board of Education in February 2019.

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