A Twitter post leads to publication for NRMS teacher

NRMS teacher Adam Moler lesson adaptation is included in the book that inspired it.

Adam Moler’s fandom of the book “EduProtocol Field Guide” is evident on Twitter.

There he tweets his positive reviews of the book that he discovered on Twitter and shares his success stories from using the book’s lessons to benefit student learning in his New Richmond Middle School classroom.

The book’s lessons transformed Moler’s teaching and student learning. It also earned him a place in the followup to “EduProtocol Field Guide.” Moler’s adaptation of a lesson he found in the book is featured in chapter 19 of “EduProtocol Field Guide, Book 2.”

The chapter credits Moler and is about how he added a storyboard element to the “mini-report” lesson. The addition was an effort to help his seventh- and eighth-grade history students to visualize history.

Additionally, an endorsement of EduProtocol written by Moler is found in the new book.

This is the first time Moler has been published.

Humbled by the experience, Moler said he had two goals last year. One was to present at a conference. He accomplished this by presenting EduProtocols at a conference in Milwaukee. The other was to be included in a book.
Moler began his teaching career nine years ago at Amelia High School as a paraprofessional in a social communication unit. Two years later he started working in the New Richmond Exempted Village School District as a special education teacher and was later named a social studies teacher.

As a teacher, Moler is known as an innovator. He’s driven to be better.

“I saw a statement on Twitter,” he said. “It said, ‘Do, Reflect, and Do Better.’ I live by that.”

Moler said he’s driven to provide anyone who enters his classroom with a different experience.

“I want to provide the absolute best possible, real-world, authentic learning experience as I can,” he said.

Success comes in many different ways, Moler said.

“I want my students to find success, anyway they can, whatever that might be to them. It’s different for everybody.”

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