Emergency drills underway

Teacher reading to students.

Most parents can likely recall participating in fire or tornado drills at school.

While both drills still exist, additional drills have been added to the mix - safety drills. None are optional. The State of Ohio requires all school districts to perform a specific number of drills.

The New Richmond Board of Education is committed to providing a safe learning and work environment. Unfortunately, natural and man-made disasters do occur. Such emergencies are best met by preparedness and planning.

In accordance with Ohio law, and to help students and staff prepare for emergency situations, the district requires each building to conduct fire, tornado and school safety drills throughout the school year.

The state fire marshal requires the first fire / rapid dismissal drill to occur within the first 10 days of the school year.

Safety drills are either underway or will be soon in district buildings. All safety drills are designed to be age-appropriate.

For example, during the first full week of September Locust Corner Elementary School teachers are reading and discussing the book “I’m Not Scared . . . I’m Prepared! Because I Know ALICE.”

The story is about a teacher at the fictional Ant Hill School who wants her students to be prepared for everything. One day, she teaches her students what to do if a dangerous someone is in their school.

By using this book, children can develop a better understanding of what needs to be done if they ever encounter a dangerous someone, Principal Joseph Roach explained in a letter to parents and guardians.

The book was drill one of four that will take place at Locust Elementary School in September.

Mr. Roach said Locust Corner Elementary is following the same format this year that it has followed the past few years.

“This format prepares our students and staff in the event of an emergency, but does so in a kid-friendly manner that is not all scary for our students,” he wrote in his letter.

A similar letter will be going home soon to the parents/guardians of Monroe Elementary School students.

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