Technology helps French students tour the world

French student presents project.

The idea that technology has made the world seem smaller, more like a global village, was front and center recently in Dr. Roger Nyam’s classroom.

“If our students are going to become future leaders, they will have to be able to work across international and cultural boundaries,” explained Dr. Nyam. He is the French teacher for New Richmond High School and Middle School and the College and Career Readiness instructor at the high school.

During a recent lesson in Dr. Nyam’s French class, students presented projects focusing on French-speaking countries. The teacher shared photos from the presentations on Twitter.

The project required students to research their assigned country’s geography, history, economy, political system, and culture. They then presented their findings to their classroom peers.

“Amazingly, by the time we finished presentations, it was as if we had made a tour around the world, without leaving the classroom,” Dr. Nyam said. Through their projects, the students highlighted exciting facts about various French-speaking countries, all thanks to technology, he said.

The lesson also had a cross-curricular element by helping the students in other subject areas including history, geography, math, music, technology, and environmental sciences.

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