Superintendent Addresses NRHS Bed Bug Concerns


Dear NRHS Parents:

The purpose of this letter is to share with you the facts about the recent incidents with bed bugs at New Richmond High School.

During the last 17 days, we have found 12 Bedbugs at the high school. Mr. Bailey has actively communicated this issue with parents. We do not believe we have an infestation of bed bugs, but that we are experiencing “hitch-hikers” – that the 12 bugs were brought to school on a student’s clothing.

It is important to know that we are not legally allowed to make students stay home who are bringing the bedbugs to school. We are diligently working to identify the student(s) that is bringing the bedbugs to school and work with the family to keep this from continuing to happen in the future.

Please know that after each sighting, we have cleaned the room and cleaned the lockers nearby with an enzyme-based product that essentially kills the bug. This enzyme based product is more effective than a pesticide and is safe for our students and staff. This product is also used in restaurants and other public places.

We do not believe that we have an infestation of bedbugs at NRHS. Unfortunately, after we clean an area, another bedbug is brought to school unknowingly in someone's clothing or backpack.

In order to protect our students and staff, I have directed additional custodians this weekend from around the district that will clean every locker and every classroom with this enzyme cleaner.

Despite our continuing efforts, it is important for parents to consider the following steps to protect their family:
1. Limit the use of backpacks, heavy coats, and hoodies that bedbugs can easily “catch a ride” in.
2. Upon returning home from school, empty backpacks completely outside the home, if possible, and inspect bags and items inside for bedbugs.
3. At home, keep backpacks in plastic bags or closed storage bins, or keep backpacks in a garage-like setting.
4. When students arrive home, immediately place worn clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat or keep worn clothes outside the home until you are able to wash them.

We do not believe that we have an infestation of bedbugs at NRHS. I want to assure you that we are taking every step possible to resolve this issue and appreciate your concern and patience.

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