NREVSD Partners with mCORE - Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation

On Monday, January 22, New Richmond student-athletes will have an excellent opportunity to participate in a preventive health screening which goes beyond the typical pre-season physical. NREVSD is excited to partner with mCORE - Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation - a group focused on preventative Sudden Cardiac Death (SCA) using electrocardiography (EKG) and echocardiography.

SCA is the result of unsuspecting cardiological disease or abnormalities which cause the heart to stop without warning or symptoms. Tragic stories of student-athletes collapsing in competition are too well known despite the fact that often times these situations could be prevented through simple examinations.

Since 2011, mCORE has screened over 15,000 high school athletes ensuring their safety on the field of play. Again, New Richmond student-athletes (ages 12-22) will have the opportunity to receive an EKG and Echo screening on Monday, January 22, 2018 from 8am to 4pm in the high school training room. In a clinical setting, these tests run about $2000; however, mCORE is offering these screenings at a fraction of the cost, running at $75. Student-athletes must pre-register in order to participate.

For more information on how you can stay heart smart, visit mCORE online. 

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