A Season of Thankfulness: Project Lunchbox

With the Thanksgiving season at our doorstep, NREVSD would like to take a moment to extend our gratitude to the many hands that make our district so special. From our buses to the cafeteria, from the classroom to the field of competition, and so many more, we cannot say thank you enough.

As much as we appreciate the phenomenal job of the staff and faculty throughout our district, there still are a number of unsung heroes making a positive impact on the lives of our students; and those people are our community members.

Our district is blessed to be in a community where the members care about the betterment of our students. Whether it’s traveling those long hauls to cheer on our athletes, volunteering in our local elementary schools, or participating in a craft show where that money is going to fund our band and local charity, our community has proven time and time again that they are for our students.

This showing of support for our students in the classroom and on the field has been noted and much appreciated. However, one group has looked to make an impact beyond the walls of the classroom through what is known as “Project Lunchbox”.

The idea for Project Lunchbox was sparked nearly two years ago when School Board Member, Robert Wooten began to talk about the basic needs of students within the district. One striking fact that surfaced through this discussion was that one in five kids in Clermont County go home hungry, especially over weekends and summer breaks when school is not in session.

This struck a chord with Jeff and Amy Hartman, the NR Project Coordinators. The Hartman’s launched the program last November after modeling a similar program being run at Clermont Northeastern Schools.

“My husband and I go around to some of the local churches and speak to the congregations about donations,” stated Amy. “We are always looking for donations and are appreciative to our local community churches, the NR Bread Ministry, and those who donate privately.”

At this time, nearly 110 students in the district are receiving a weekend lunchbox, filled with nine to ten food items and a sleeve of English Muffins. It is through the giving spirit of our community members that so many kids are able to receive help. With hearts full of thankfulness and kid’s stomachs full of food, we once again extend our gratitude to the countless people making a positive impact on our students. Thank you!

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