April's Leading Lions

New Richmond Middle School Counselor Patricia Gulley and voice of Lions athletics Aaron Humphries are April's Leading Lions. Both were honored by the Board of Education at its April 19 meeting.

Patricia Gulley

Patricia Gulley is a Leading Lion for AprilNRMS Principal Court Lilly nominated Mrs. Gulley noting that since she was hired as the middle school counselor five years ago, she has had her “hands in anything important” that they do, he said.

She excels at her job, but she also goes above and beyond the scope of her typical duties on a regular basis.

For example she: coordinates and sets up the NRMS safe dates programs; established a life skills program; coordinates and writes all the student success plans for the eighth-graders; and she makes herself available for student crisis counseling literally 24/7.

She has been an integral part of establishing the PBIS program at the middle school, and her experience with MAP testing has been invaluable, Mr. Lilly said. Mrs. Gulley also plays an integral part in coordinating state testing.

Something else that’s awesome to have right in the building is her expertise with the student database, DASL.

“We don’t ever have to call the county for anything,” Mr. Lilly said. “And beyond that, if there is a committee or a job getting done, she is serving on that committee. She is as busy as I am, and is at my side doing everything within her power to make the middle school a great place for our kids. “I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s definitely a Leading Lion.”

Aaron Humphries 

Aaron Humphries is a leading lion for AprilWhen Doug Foote was named Athletic Director 13 years ago he knew that he needed someone to serve as the PA announcer at sporting events. Being new to the job, he didn’t know who to ask. He said he was thankful to receive a recommendation for Aaron Humphries who agreed to fill the role.

Since that time Mr. Humphries has served as the voice of the Lions for football, boys and girls basketball, and numerous soccer games. He even agreed to be the announcer for Senior Night for Bowling. He announces all senior nights for fall and winter sports and New Richmond’s Hall of Fame event, Mr. Foote said.

In all of his years, he’s missed just five events. That’s incredible, especially given that he works a full-time job outside of the district, Mr. Foote said.

If there’s anything wrong with the PA system, Mr. Humphries fixes it.

When you have sporting events and there’s an announcer doing play-by-play, they’re not supposed to do that by OHSAA rules, Mr. Foote said.

“You will never hear that from Mr. Humphries,” he said. “He’s very humble. Maybe the most humble man I’ve been around. He tells you about the kids and about the game. That’s it. Who tackled, who scored, who subbed and that’s the end of it and you watch the game. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

“To me, he’s an amazing person who has been absolutely tremendous for our district and our program. And in this COVID situation, to have him and Jeff Zink who has done our Facebook Live has been phenomenal. We couldn’t have done the stuff that we’ve done without them.”

The district has benefited in more than one way from Mr. Humphries’s talent and generosity. His wife often works the concessions. And his sons, Landon and Colin, have been ball boys for basketball and Colin filmed several times for Mr. Zink. 

For these reasons and more, Mr. Foote said Mr. Humphries is a Leading Lion.

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