Adam Moler named December's Leading Lion

Board of education recognizes NRMS teacher Adam Moler as Leading Lion

During the December 21 Board of Education meeting, New Richmond Middle School Social Studies Teacher Adam Moler was recognized as a Leading Lion in recognition of his commitment to helping students be successful.

According to Principal Court Lilly, for the last few years, Mr. Moler’s focus has been on the four Cs of learning.

“When planning, he asks himself, ‘How can I get students Critically thinking, Creating, Collaborating, and Communicating?” Mr. Lilly said. “If you have ever been into one of his classrooms to watch a lesson, these are the things that all kids are doing regardless of their achievement levels. They are immersed in experiencing history.”

Mr. Moler uses EduProtocols because they are practical, intentional, and tie to the 4C’s, he said. EduProtocols are instructional lesson frames that are designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. EduProtocols can be used with any subject, any grade level.

His accomplishments of the last few years have been remarkable. They include:

  • Presenting Eduprotocols in Milwaukee

  • Conducting a two-day Eduprotocols workshop with teachers in New Jersey

  • Virtually presenting his Quest units for the CUE BOLD conference in California

  • Virtually presenting to groups of teachers in Texas

  • Virtually presenting to the Sketch and Tell for Eduprotocols Worldwide Conference

  • CUE (computer using educators) Lead Learner

  • Google Certified Teacher

  • Lessons published in the Eduprotocols book

While his personal accomplishments are awesome, Mr. Lilly said they are not the reason he nominated Mr. Moler for Leading Lion.

“Adam’s impact is felt throughout the middle school,” he said. “He works tirelessly with other teachers in the building and shares his knowledge more than generously. As I watch lessons around the building, there are examples of Adam’s planning and trailblazing in many classrooms. Since graduating as a student from New Richmond Schools, he has truly become a teacher to us all.”

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