Opt-In to SMS (Text Messaging) Notifications - School Messenger

In order to receive text messages from the district or our schools, families MUST have a cell phone number on file with us and opt-in. Contact your child's school to update or add a cell phone number. To opt-in for messages you can:
* Send a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our district’s short code number - 67587
* Respond “Y” or “Yes” to a one-time opt-in text message that will be sent by the district Monday, February 1 around 6 p.m.


"I didn't receive a text message asking me to opt-in, what should I do?"

Please contact your child's school and request that your cell phone is added to your parent/guardian information. Once your cell phone number is added send a text message of "Y" or Yes to our district's short code number - 67587

"What type of messages will I receive with this service?"

You will receive similar communications as you receive now with phone calls such as announcements and news regarding snow delays, remote days, or emergency information regarding the district. 

"If I change my mind can I stop receiving text messages at a later date?"

Yes. Simply send a "Stop" message to 67587 anytime to stop receiving these text message notifications. 

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