Curriculum Review/Revision Making Progress

Photo of teachers gather to review ELA courses of studyThursday, Jan. 6, is a busy workday for the New Richmond Schools Curriculum Revision Committee which is meeting to identify several available curriculums for ELA that they would like to explore further. Teachers from both the secondary and elementary grades are participating in the review/revision process with secondary teachers meeting in the morning and elementary teachers meeting in the afternoon.

Thanks to Dr. Hollandsworth, the curriculum review process was restored in New Richmond Schools after a long absence.

During the Board of Education’s August 2021 meeting, Dr. Hollandsworth shared details about the curriculum review cycle that will be followed beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. The review process consists of several phases including evaluation, development, and implementation.

The process is an important part of making certain that the curriculum aligns through all grades here at New Richmond and with state standards. It’s also instrumental in enhancing student learning, engagement, and outcomes. 

The New Richmond curriculum review process will follow a five-year cycle with a built-in maintenance process. Language Arts is the core under review this school year. The following school year math curriculum will be reviewed followed by science/health/PE, social studies, and finally fine arts/foreign language/business.

Curriculum review was once an important part of the district’s overall academic efforts but fell to the wayside as part of cost-saving measures following the closure of Beckjord Power Station.

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