Todd Jackson: January 2022 Leading Lion

Mr. Jackson receives certificate from board of ed for being a Leading LionLocust Corner Elementary School teacher Todd Jackson is the recipient of the Beth Webster Leading Lion Award for January 2022. He was nominated by Principal Joseph Roach who said Mr. Jackson, through his actions, likely saved a student’s life.

We spend a lot of time in this district on school safety and training, Mr. Roach said. Lots and lots of training on what to do during that unforeseen emergency in order to be as prepared as possible when that situation comes up.

In December, a medical emergency involving a student occurred. Mr. Roach did not share specifics of the emergency but said that Mr. Jackson’s attention to training was evident as he responded in a “fantastic way and was a wonderful example of all of the training we put out staff through.”

“On behalf of the student's family and myself, I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart, because the actions he took were phenomenal. He did everything perfectly. It was an unforeseen situation,” Mr. Roach said. “The student was able to be taken by ambulance to the hospital and stay there a couple of days. And, I honestly think that Mr. Jackson’s actions saved this student's life.”

Mr. Jackson said that sometimes he and other staff members question whether the training is necessary. He affirmed that the training is important and has benefitted him on two separate occasions during his 28-year career.

“I’m glad the board supports the training,” he said. As a result of the training, teachers can make decisions that help kids.

Superintendent Tracey Miller thanked Mr. Jackson for the testimonial noting that often teachers and other staff members are the emergency responders. The training prepares them to respond.

“I appreciate your leadership,” Mr. Miller told Mr. Jackson.

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