Leading Lions for September 2022

Sept 2022 Leading LionsThe September 2022 recipients of the Beth Webster Leading Lions Award are New Richmond High School students Cate Coulter, Mackenzie Minning, and Eleanor Grace Reid. Principal Joe Stewart lauded the three students for their outstanding achievements under the College Board.

Before the three students were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments, the Board of Education held a moment of silence in recognition of Beth Webster, the staff member for whom the award is named. Mrs. Webster, an outstanding educator, and individual, recently passed away but her legacy lives on.

Mackenzie Minning was recognized by the College Board after scoring 5, the highest score possible, on her US History AP exam that she took last school year as a sophomore, Mr. Stewart said. She was the only New Richmond student to score a 5 last school year on an AP exam. 

Nationally, the average score on the US History AP exam last year was 2.9. Only 3 percent of the students who took the exam nationally scored a 5.

Mackenzie, a junior, takes the hardest classes offered at the high school, Mr. Stewart said. This school year she’s taking four College Credit Plus (CCP) courses and one AP course and has a 4.0 unweighted GPA. Additionally, she’s the treasurer of the junior class, an award-winning gymnast, and president of her 4-H club. 

Cate Coulter and Eleanor Grace Reid were recognized for their outstanding efforts on the PSAT that they sat for last school year. Both scored in the top 10 percent in Ohio and were recognized in the College Board demographic group for Small Towns/Rural Areas. 

In addition to the aforementioned, Mr. Stewart said that Cate, a junior, is a member of the high school’s volleyball and softball teams, is active on the student council, and has a 4.0 unweighted GPA. She’s currently taking one AP course and four CCP courses.

In addition to the aforementioned, Mr. Stewart said that Grace, a senior, is taking two AP courses and two CCP courses this year and has a 4.0 unweighted GPA. She’s a member of the track and swim teams. Grace is also an avid equestrian and enjoys competing in tetrathlons which require riders to have sound horsemanship and general athletic ability in multiple disciplines including stadium jumping, shooting, and swimming.

“All three students personify what a well-rounded high school student should be,” Mr. Stewart said. “They don’t just focus on grades. They spend time with family and friends. But the fact that they can keep that level of academic sharpness as well as enjoy being a kid is phenomenal.

Keep up the good work.”

(Pictured: The Sept. 2022 presentation of the Leading Lions Recognition. Recipients are New Richmond High School students Cate Coulter, Mackenzie Minning, and Eleanor Grace Reid. (Not pictured, Cate Coulter)

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