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NRMS Teacher Adam Moler: District 5 Teacher of Year

New Richmond Exempted Village School District is pleased to announce that New Richmond Middle School Social Studies Teacher Adam Moler has been selected as the 2023 State Board of Education District 5 Teacher of the Year. Click on MORE to continue reading.

Graphic of Adam Moler congratulating him on selection as D-10 Teacher of the YearNew Richmond Exempted Village School District is pleased to announce that New Richmond Middle School Social Studies Teacher Adam Moler has been selected as the 2023 State Board of Education District 5 Teacher of the Year.

As a State Board of Education District 5 Teacher of the Year, you stand alongside some of the most distinguished educators in the state, said Angela Dicke in her letter to Mr. Moler congratulating him on his selection. Ms. Dicke is the Coordinator of Teacher Recognition Programs & Educators Rising Ohio. Teachers are the most important factor for a student’s academic success and play a very important role in the lives of their students. 

For his part, Mr. Moler was humbled by the news. Awards such as this seem individualistic, but it’s representative of every student and colleague from New Richmond, he said. 

“I’m proud to be a part of the New Richmond community and proud to represent New Richmond Middle School,” Mr. Moler said. “It’s truly an honor to work alongside so many dedicated, caring, and innovative teachers. 

“When I first received the news I thought of a sign on my classroom wall that states, ‘I want you to feel valued, supported, and empowered.’ It’s my hope that students can experience these every day as we learn together.”

Superintendent Tracey Miller praised Mr. Moler for his ability to bring the subject of social studies to life for his students and keep them actively engaged throughout the entire lesson. Technologically, he is an early adopter and provides his classes with many unique experiences.

"I give Adam Moler the highest compliment I can give a teacher: I would want my own children to be in his class,” Mr. Miller said. “New Richmond is a better district because he teaches here.”

Consideration for Teacher of the Year begins with a nomination. Mr. Moler was nominated by Dr. Scott Petri who is a social studies teacher at John F. Kennedy High School. Mr. Moler and Mr. Petri began collaborating, through Zoom, two years ago as they wrote the upcoming book, EduProtocols: Social Studies Edition Field Guide

Subsequent letters of support/recommendation were submitted by student Abigail O’Grady, New Richmond Middle School Principal Court Lilly, and building secretary Amy Gilliam. 

Ms. O’Grady was a student in both Mr. Moler’s 7th- and 8th-grade social studies classes. In her letter, she extolled Mr. Moler for, among other things, his ability to deliver “improvisational teaching” during challenging circumstances, his ability to make all students feel heard and appreciated in class, and his ability to modify lessons according to student needs.

“After being a student of Mr. Moler for two years, my fellow students and I can confidently recommend him as the Ohio Teacher of the Year,” Ms. O’Grady wrote. Her letter also included “feedback” from other students. The student comments included: “Mr. Moler is an outstanding teacher.” “Mr. Moler has been super helpful and is always so nice! He cares about his students so much and is an example all teachers should follow.” “. . . I really appreciate his patience and flexibility.” “I have learned so much from him.” “He is the best teacher ever.”

Mr. Lilly, in his letter, expressed his support for Mr. Moler for Teacher of the Year noting, among other things, that Mr. Moler is “one of the most caring and inclusive teachers I have ever observed.”

Additionally, Mr. Lilly wrote that Mr. Moler generously “shares his experiences, expertise, and data with staff throughout our building and helps teachers refine their personal instructional design. He helps foster collaboration among staff and helps strengthen our building’s educational environment.

“He is always an advocate for his students first and often presents positive feedback about students who others find challenging.”

In her letter of recommendation, Mrs. Gilliam wrote, in part, “It is a privilege to work with Adam, and equally as a parent I watched Adam help my daughter through class during COVID. His compassion and patience helped her become comfortable learning online.”

As the Teacher of the year for District 5, Mr. Moler is now a candidate for State Teacher of the Year. To advance his candidacy, Mr. Moler will need to complete a few requirements as assigned by the State Board of Education.

Posted Thursday, June 23, 2022