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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Elevar Design Group is an architectural and engineering design firm made up of accomplished architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, and support with more than 50 years of industry leadership.
Our partnership with Elevar, an established school architect, provides a fresh perspective from a third-party as we develop a Master Facility Plan in an effort to deliver the best education to our students in the most financially efficient way. Additionally, Elevar knows the area and has experience with neighboring PK-12 districts - West Clermont, Batavia, Williamsburg, and CNE, just to name a few.
Each of three Community Engagement Sessions will provide a brief review of the state of the district - including enrollment, the district's financial position, the conditions of current facilities, and more. Additionally, Elevar will give a brief presentation before engaging the community members in a group setting where discussions will be considered for part of the district's operational and facilities master plan for the future.
Session 1: New Richmond Elementary // Tuesday 9.11 // 6:30P
Session 2: Monroe Elementary // Thursday 9.20 // 6:30P
Session 3: Locust Corner Elementary // Wednesday 9.26 // 6:30P
Phase 1: Convene // 9.1-10.15
Phase 2: Clarify // 10.15-12.1
Phase 3: Deliberate // 1.1-2.15
Phase 4: Decide // 2.15-3.15
Phase 5: Implement // 3.15-Completion

Latest News

Social Media Challenge Helps NRHS Teacher

One of the most recent hashtag trends to surface social media over the past few weeks has been the #10featuredteachers, a challenge that allows celebrities everywhere to use their influence for the good of education. The most recent featured teacher on celebrity Kristen Bell's Instagram was one of our own, Mrs. Kelly Merritt. More +

Hands on Learning at NRE: The Augmented Reality Sandbox

Judy Krebs, an Education Coordinator from the Clermont County Water and Soil Conservation District, is a recent recipient of a Duke Energy Grant that funded an Augmented Reality Sandbox. NRE students among the first to watch new map technology come to life.  More +

Student Spotlight: King of the Playground

In recent weeks, fourth grade Monroe Elementary student Joseph Colonel took it upon himself to start a petition at his school for a longer recess. Not only did he start a petition, but he even went to lengths to organize a meeting with Monroe Principal, Mr. Greg Chandler, to plead his case.  More +

NR Student Arrested For Social Media School Threat

As always, safety is the number one concern of our students. Thanks to a quick response from NRHS Administration, NRPD, and CCSO, the threat was handled accordingly and school could proceed as normal. More +
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