Hall of Fame Nominations and Eligibility

Nominations and Eligibility

FORWARD:    The performances of the past serve as an inspiration for present and future activities. Yet, unless the achievements are recorded, they tend to become hazy memories. It is for this reason that we set forth the following purpose for the Lions Sports Hall of Fame.

PURPOSE:    To recognize outstanding contributions to the athletic program at New Richmond High School by athletes, coaches, athletic directors and administrators and therefore offer incentive to future participants in this program.

  1. Anyone wishing to make one or several nominations may obtain nomination forms in the Athletic Director’s Office.

    1. Nominators must sign nomination forms or they will be invalid.

    2. Nominations must be submitted by November 1st. The committee will meet in November to select inductees. 

    3. The induction ceremony will take place during the basketball season on January 22nd at 6:00.

  1. Any past athlete, coach, athletic director, or administrator is eligible for induction into the Lions Sports Hall of Fame with these exceptions:

    1. An athlete must have earned a Varsity letter while attending New Richmond. Athletes cannot be considered within the first ten years after his/her graduation date.

    2. A coach, athletic director, or administrator is eligible immediately after retiring or upon leaving the district.

    3. A present coach, athletic director, or administrator is eligible for his/her performance as an athlete at New Richmond.

    4. Outstanding athletic achievement and contribution to athletics is the primary requirement for nomination.

  1. Number of Inductees – There will be at least one, but not more than 4 inductees in a given year.

  1. Nominations will be kept in consideration for 3 years.

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