Beginning with the 2023/2024 school year, the New Richmond Exempted Village School District will be moving from EZPay to PaySchools Central. EZPay is being sunset in the near future and as such the district has elected to move to the newest platform offered by the same company.

Any current balance will transfer from EZPay to PaySchools. Parents/guardians must set up an account with PaySchools to continue paying on their child’s account.

The PaySchools online portal can be found at There is also a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

ID Badges

This spring, the district handed out ID badges to a small group of students on a pilot basis. The district launched a successful pilot program on four elementary buses as students used their ID badges to scan on and off the buses, which allows parents/guardians real-time access to their child's location on the bus. That program, Traversa Ride360, will be in full effect this school year. 
More information can be found here.

Much like hospitals and businesses, our students will use their badges for a variety of reasons ranging from swiping your badge to pay for school lunch and school fees to entrance to ticketed athletic activities. Additional future uses are also possible. The badges will work seamlessly with PaySchools Central, and parents can manage the funds available for their child through the PaySchools app.

The badges given to students for that program will work seamlessly with PaySchools Central, allowing students to pay for lunch fees, athletic fees, and school fees. Additional future uses, such as online ticketing for athletic events, are also possible. Every student will start the school year with an ID Badge to be used for those reasons.

Safety and Security

PaySchools takes the role of protecting your valuable data seriously. The organization maintains PCI compliance and industry-standard SSL certificates. In order to achieve PCI compliance, companies must meet all 12 requirements ranging from proper use of firewalls to data encryption and limits on access.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the deal with the convenience fees?
These are charged by PaySchools to anyone who uses credit/debit cards or has money taken directly out of a checking/savings account. These fees are not administered or collected by NREVSD. They are also not new, as most businesses across the country charge some sort of fee for using those methods of payment. EZPay also charged fees for those types of transactions, but those costs were covered by the district to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per year. The district will no longer be covering those expenses.

2. Are there any other ways to add money to our child(ren)'s account?
Yes! In addition to the online payments mentioned above, checks and cash can be brought to your child(ren)'s building to be added to their account. Please note that there is a $1.75 check processing fee. There is no fee to add cash to an account.

Download Links

Download PaySchools Central on the Apple App Store
Download PaySchools Central on the Google Play store

Why PaySchools?

 Parents can pay via credit card or ACH (directly from a bank account). Please note there will be a convenience fee on all credit card and ACH transactions.

 PaySchools allows parents/guardians to pay school fees, lunch fees and other fees such as field trips online quickly and conveniently.

 Parents can receive email notifications for low balances with customizable alerts. They can also set up automatic transfers when funds fall below a certain amount.

 Student information transfers automatically building to building, school year to school year.

 Households with multiple students need just one login to manage all of their accounts.

Reporting a Lost/Damaged Badge

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