Traversa Ride 360

Introduction to RIDE 360

The New Richmond Exempted Village School District is proud to announce the introduction of a new smartphone-based app called Traversa RIDE 360. The free app provides secure access to each student's routing information, including a GPS location of where the student's bus is currently located and provides a live estimated time of arrival for each location.

Parents and students can quickly and easily access their student data with little or no training. The user-friendly interface should be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used a mobile app.

The program was launched in phases beginning in early 2023 with a pilot program that involved elementary school routes and will expand from there. 

The Traversa RIDE 360 mobile app for apple and android devices can help to ensure that your students never miss the bus again. this portal allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop locations, routes, and pick-up and drop-off times. this app utilizes GPS technology currently installed in our fleet to let users know when to expect their buses each day.

Traversa RIDE 360 works in combination with a tablet that is installed on every school bus in our fleet. Tyler Drive provides state-of-the-art navigation and helps our drivers handle unanticipated road closures or missed stops. When a bus needs to be rerouted for any reason, the safest and most efficient route is always maintained. This technology also eliminates the need for paper maps and student lists. All tablets have a motion lock installed which blacks out the screen whenever the bus is in motion. Drivers will rely on the audio instructions to reach the next stop. All of the data for Tyler Drive is synchronized with our routing software, allowing Transportation Department personnel to push the most up-to-date information to the drivers consistently.

To download the Traversa RIDE 360 App, search for “Traversa RIDE 360” in your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Who can use RIDE 360?
Parents, child care providers, grandparents...but only one parent is able to connect or link to their child's account. Once you are connected to your child's transportation account you will be able to share access with anyone you wish. Additionally, you can also remove access should you need to (i.e. if your child attends a new babysitter, you can remove access from the previous one). You can share access to your child's account to as many or as few people as you wish.

To share your child's account with another person, click on the icon pictured to the right. The app will then provide directions to share the account with another person.

PLEASE NOTE: During the course of the next several weeks, the Transportation Department will be working on fully implementing RIDE 360. You may notice some information missing or inaccurate. If ever in doubt, or if you need help linking your child's account, contact the Transportation office at (513) 553-0266 or by email.

Sign-Up Instructions

What is Ride 360?

RIDE 360 is a parent app that allows parents to view their child's transportation information including:

  • Each child's morning and afternoon bus assignment
  • The location of each child's bus (updated every 3-5 minutes on a map)
  • All of your child's transportation information, including contact information the Transportation Department has on file.
  • View a live estimated time of arrival of the bus for both pick-up and drop off times (+/- 5 minutes).

RIDE 360 has a messaging feature that allows you to send a question directly to the Transportation Office (bus notes or route change requests will not be accepted via the RIDE 360 messaging service). With the app installed on your smartphone, you'll be able to receive push notifications from the Transportation Office. With notifications enabled on your smartphone, you will be able to receive periodic updates if your child's bus is delayed.

Reporting a Lost/Damaged Badge

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