Board Members

NREVSD Board Members

Kristin Bennett

Kristin Bennett benn.JPG
Year Elected to the Board of Education: 2013
Total Years of Service as a BOE Member: Started January 2014
Occupation: Occupation: Stay at home mom (Previous Occupation: Paramedic/Firefighter)
Why Did You Choose To Run For The BOE?
I decided to run to have a voice in the current and future direction of our district. With the pending loss of revenue, with the closure of the Beckjord Power Station, I ran to ensure we maintain or improve the education our students receive while being as fiscally responsible as possible. I also ran to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed in their education/preparation for college, the skilled workforce, or whatever their choosing after graduation. Serving on the board is a way to serve the community while preparing our students/district for the future.

Tim DuFau

Tim DuFau tim.JPG
Year Elected to the Board of Education: 2015
Total Years of Service as a BOE Member: Started August 2014

Todd Wells

Year Elected to the Board of Education: 2017
Total Years of Service as a BOE Member: Started January 2018
Why Did You Choose To Run For The BOE? I feel twenty-three (23) years of experience serving in an education setting will bring my insights and knowledge of education to the New Richmond Board of Education. I believe that I am an honest and patient person with excellent listening and empathy skills. I strive to be transparent and truthful, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Every day is a new day. I rarely say I’m going work, but rather I’m going to make a positive difference. I am a passionate person and strive to be a servant leader daily. I cherish every day that I get to interact and have conversations with students, staff, parents, administrators, community members, and other school district representatives. My intent is to never control a conversation or decision. As a board member, I am only one voice of five working to secure the best education experience for all children and being transparent and fiscally responsible to all stake holders.

Kevin Walriven

Kevin Walriven 201210171858280_image.jpg
Year Elected to the Board of Education: 1998
Total Years of Service as a BOE Member: Fourteen
Occupation: Retired from Duke Energy
Why Did You Choose To Run For The BOE? I am an alumni of New Richmond Schools and have been involved for many years.  My desire for New Richmond to continue being a School District where our children can get an education second to none is primarily what convinced me to run for School Board.  In 1998 when I was first elected our Schools were in Academic Watch and we had just opened Locust Corner Elementary. I am proud of what we have accomplished since then all without having to ask the public for a tax levy.

Robert Wooten

Robert Wooten woot.JPG
Year Elected to the Board of Education: 2015
Total Years of Service as a BOE Member: Starting January 2016
Occupation: Pastor & VP Sales for US Bank
Why Did You Choose To Run For The BOE?  I am a New Richmond native, alumni and my wife and I have six children in the school district. That is what prompted me to run for the BOE. Being already vested in the NR community as a Pastor, the BOE allows me to give back in an even greater way to make sure we have the best schools around. I want what is best for our students so that they can have the best education possible to prepare them for their plans after high school.  I count it a privilege and honor to serve our community. 
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