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Enrichment Program for Students Identified as Gifted

Program Information

Students identified as gifted need differentiated curriculum and instruction in order to fully develop their cognitive, academic, creative, and artistic abilities.  Students in New Richmond Exempted Village Schools are provided with opportunities dependent upon the grade level of the student and his or her identifications.  

  • Cluster grouping for instruction in general education classrooms allows for students who are identified as gifted to collaborate together. 
  • The Gifted Coordinator works directly with students in grades 3-6 to offer courses and activities at each elementary building in accordance with the district service plan.
  • Honors courses and Advanced Placement courses, provided under the authorization of the College Board, offer students at the secondary level the opportunity to take advanced coursework. Educational options, including College Credit Plus and County Gifted Days, provide additional experiences on an individual basis.
  • Services by trained arts instructors offer students identified as gifted in the visual and/or performing arts specialized instruction.

Whole-grade acceleration, subject acceleration, early entrance to kindergarten, or early graduation from high school may be utilized in cases in which the student’s advanced needs cannot be met in their current grade level.  This may be instituted after the acceleration process has been completed and the acceleration committee has determined the best placement for the student. All requests to initiate an evaluation should be directed to the Gifted Coordinator. 

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Early entrance to kindergarten (or first grade) is a viable option for academically talented young children. The decision to pursue early entrance should be based on a noticeable academic advancement rather than a close birthday for enrollment. Kindergarten is an academic challenge and students should be placed in the appropriate grade for continued success throughout their education that matches their developmental stage.  

Referrals for early entrance to kindergarten (or first grade) follow the below process:
  • Referral form, Early Entrance to Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire, and two checklists are completed and signed by parent/guardian and then forwarded to the Gifted Coordinator.
  • Gifted Coordinator schedules an ability test (measured by IQ) for the child with a school psychologist. A summary report is forwarded to the Gifted Coordinator. 
  • Gifted Coordinator completes the Iowa Acceleration Scale and determines if the student is a possible candidate for early entrance.  If so, additional achievement and aptitude testings are scheduled and administered by the gifted coordinator.  
  • Results are communicated to parents/guardians by mail.  In the event early entrance is recommended, an acceleration committee will be formed.
Referral Forms for Gifted Assessment
Referrals for gifted identification can be made by a parent, teacher, or peer of a student who may be gifted, as well as the student themselves. However, all forms must be signed by the parent/guardian of the student in order for testing to occur.
The district provides opportunities for assessment during the months of November and March. All referrals must be received by the gifted coordinator no later than the last day of the month prior. The testing schedule will be made and email notifications will be sent home within the first week of November and March. Notices will contain testing information, dates, and times. Results will be communicated with a letter to parents within 30 days of the last testing date for their child.

Mrs. Rachel Reynolds

District Gifted Coordinator
Gifted Intervention Specialist
   Locust Corner Elementary
   Monroe Elementary 
   New Richmond Elementary 
513-752-1432 ext. 13217 

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