Open Enrollment Information 2019-2020


To NREVSD Open Enrollment Parents:

We are changing the Open Enrollment Application process for 2019-20.   We will no longer be using a paper application process.   Instead, we will be using a Google Forms document.    

The link to the Google Form:

This link needs to be completed by both Inter-District Open Enrollment (parents live outside of NREVSD) and Intra-District Open Enrollment (parents live in NREVSD but want a different elementary). 

This link will not be made active until April 15 at 8:00am and it will close on June 14 at 4pm.   Any tablet, device, or laptop will be able to fill out the Google Form.

There is no need to personally appear at 212 Market St. to apply.   Parents are encouraged to apply on-line utilizing the link and form above.   Only Google Form applications will be accepted.

As a reminder, we will not be accepting Inter-District Open Enrollment students for Kindergarten in 2019-20.  Also, acceptance into the Open Enrollment program must be renewed annually so this year's Open Enrollment students must reapply.

Adam C. Bird


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